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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Prayer Quilt Ministry

   Prayer Quilts Hanging, please go by and pray over it and tie a knot...There is a quilt hanging for ... Madge Noble, Clay McPherson & Sawyer Fair.
UPDATED: 12.07.2023


       In the Fall of 2013, a group of committed women came together to launch a new ministry at FCC.  Some of them had little sewing experience and others were proficient seamstresses.  Together they learned to make simple quilt, each one destined for a recipient in need of prayer; The idea for the quilt ministry was not a new one.  Before ours began there were already hundreds of churches, several in our local area, who had active prayer quilt ministries.  The ladies at Christ UMC were instrumental in mentoring our new ministry.
     The ministry is operated on guidelines established by the first Prayer Quilt Ministry, which originated at a United Methodist Church in California in 1992.  to read more about the history of the prayer quilt see   The process of the quilt is simple.  When a member of the congregation hears of a need, a card is filled out to request the quilt.  Request cards are located in the FCC Fellowship Hall on the table at the back.  Each potential recipient must consent to receive the quilt.  Their specific need for prayer is recorded.  Once each quilt is pieced, the batting and backing are put on and a binding is sewn around the edge.  Each quilt is finished with cotton ties.  The quilts are hung outside of either main entrance to the Sanctuary to allow the congregation to say a prayer and tie a knot in the cotton ties.  When all of the ties are knotted, the quilt is complete and is taken to the recipient.  The quilt is presented to each recipient as a tangible symbol of the prayers that were spoken specifically for them. 
     If you would like to join the ministry, we meet the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month, at 10:00am in the Prayer Quilt Room.  All are welcome, regardless of sewing experience.  Anyone who can sew a simple, straight seam, please come! You don't have to own a sewing machine or be an expert seamstress. We want you to be a part of this great ministry. Call or email our office at 601-859-4621 or